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    Water Well Flow Testing

    Well flow testing also known as Drawdown Testing is a means of determining the viability of water well as it interacts with the aquifer it is drawing from. The process in which a well flow test is carried out varies depending on the purpose of the test. For residential needs, this test can be of a short duration simply to determine if the well has the capability to supply a household with sufficient water usually dictated by a municipality or governing body. For industrial users, this well flow test can be up to 72 hours of flow time and require the employ of a Hydrogeologist to analyze the data collected to determine the aquifer size and if the water supply is large enough to support the industry.

    Wellmaster Pumps has the equipment and personnel to perform these well flow tests and deliver quality results to our customers.

    A complete description of a water well flow test can be found on the BC Governments website (PDF download):

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