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    Water Well Chlorination and Disinfection

    Is there stringy, rust-coloured, jelly-like slime on the inside of your well or pumping system? Does your water smell like rotten eggs? If so your well and water system needs to be chlorinated and disinfected.

    Bacteria growth in a water well and associated components can be a natural occurrence or it can be a result of poor well construction, hook up, or well maintenance. Yearly water analysis is recommended to identify the presence of these harmful bacteria. Once the analysis has been completed and bacteria has been identified the well and household system should be disinfected.

    The location and type of water well you have will also determine the probability of the presence of harmful bacteria. Dug wells as an example are susceptible to contamination from overland water flow carrying bacteria found on the surface. We see quite a few dug wells that are not sealed off to prevent rodents and reptiles from entering the well. Because of their nature of construction dug wells should tested regularly and inspected for foreign material.

    Drilled wells when constructed properly are generally the best way to ensure a clean source of water but they can also be affected by bacteria growth. Older constructed wells may have lost the seal to the ground around and will allow surface water to enter the well bore. Well heads that are at or below ground level will allow foreign bodies to enter the well bore.

    In the event a water source has been contaminated Wellmaster Pumps and Water Systems Ltd. can disinfect your whole house system, recommend equipment to ensure a clean healthy water supply

    The BC Government has supplied the following literature concerning water well disinfection:

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