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If it's a basic setup, checking the air charge in the pressure tank is something that can be easily done. We can perform a more comprehensive system review for those who aren't familiar with their water system or for those who are new to having and independent water system. amp check, air charge, go through any filtration to spot potential problems before it fails.

UV bulbs put out ultra violet radiation which diminishes over time. The bulbs have a life span of about 9000 hours. (just over a year). After a year of use, the bulb output won't be sufficient to guarantee safe drinking water. The bulb is not in the water but is contained in a sleeve made of quartz. Heavy dissolved mineral loads can collect on the sleeve which blocks the UV light penetration in the reactor chamber. Also a 5 micron or smaller sediment filter is required prior to the UV Chamber and should be checked every 6 months.

There are many reasons you can have low water pressure. Common reasons can be due to a worn out pump or a hole in the drop pipe in the well, but checking for clogged filtration and cleaning the screens in your fixtures can help. Pump pressure is governed by a switch or transducer which can usually be adjusted, provided it's within the capabilities of the equipment and contains the right fail safe device. If increased pump pressure doesn't help, sometimes it's due to inefficient plumbing design, undersized pipes or corroded steel fittings, particularly in older homes can affect water pressure.

According to the new BC Water Sustainability Act Section 50, subsection 1 and 2 only a qualified Well Pump Installer or Water Well Driller is authorized to enter a ground water well.

There are many variables that go into sizing a well pump, horse power is the variable used to move the column of water to the surface. Well pump motors and the pump section must be matched in order to achieve the maximum life span. When sizing a pump system, it is best to know what your water needs are going to be. From that we can pick the right combination to provide you with a quantity of water that the well can support and a pressure needed at surface.

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